Nest Construction Company

Apex Design Studios has successfully completed a branding and website design project for Nest, an innovative player in the healthcare sector. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled web design services is evident in our work. In support of Nest's early-stage development initiative, we conceptualized a new website and developed a comprehensive branding package, creating a compelling online presence designed to meet the distinctive requirements of the healthcare practice.

Apex Design Studios Impact:

Leveraging the power of Sketch for design and Squarespace for development, Apex Design Studios meticulously crafted a visually stunning and timeless website. The platform showcased Nest Construction Company's exceptional building projects through high-quality visuals, detailed project descriptions, and an efficient contact system tailored to streamline client inquiries.


  1. Limited Online Presence: Nest Construction Company lacked a comprehensive online platform to effectively showcase their diverse construction projects.
  2. Ineffective Communication Channel: The existing website struggled to capture and manage client inquiries efficiently.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Elegant Design Elements: Utilizing Sketch, our team created a visually stunning design that conveyed the exclusivity and quality of Nest Construction Company's construction projects.
  2. Efficient Contact System: Squarespace integration facilitated the implementation of a robust contact system, enhancing the management of client inquiries.

Impact on Business:

Nest Construction Company witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in website traffic, coupled with a substantial uptick in inquiries from potential clients. The improved online presence played a pivotal role in the successful promotion and sales of multiple construction projects.

This project exemplifies Apex Design Studios' commitment to delivering unparalleled services, ensuring that Nest Construction Company now possesses a distinguished online platform that effectively communicates their message and offerings to a broader audience. Nest Construction Company, a reputable construction firm seeking to bolster its online presence, collaborated with Apex Design Studios for a comprehensive website overhaul. The project aimed to create a sophisticated online platform that effectively showcased Nest's diverse construction projects, emphasizing quality and exclusivity.